IMG 7388That is, of course, a really complex question. There are several ways you can live the change you want in our life. And the change you want to contribute to in the world.

What do you want your life to look like?

I am of the firm conviction that you choose a lot of things in how you live your life. At least in the western part of the world where your basic need is cared for. Most people have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear. And most of us also have some humans to relate to, or other animals. So we don't have to just survive, we can engage in choosing a lot of things. Both physical stuff as where to live, how much space we need, what furniture we like etc. We can also choose what to do in life. What do I want to work with? How do I want to work, as an employee, as self employed? What do I want to study to become what I want? Where do I like to study? You choose your car, the things you buy, the things you eat etc.

In some ways we are limited in our choices. The school system looks the way it looks, there are rules in corporate life that has to be followed, whether you are an employee, an employer or self employed. But in this global times, you can move to another country, with other rules, other systems, so you still have a choice. And maybe more important, you choose your attitude towards things that you can't change on your own. You can just accept the way things are, or you can join a movement or a political party and try to contribute to change. Or you can offer an alternative yourself. You can start an alternative school, restaurant, treatment facility, training facility, village – what ever you want. If it is to hard to do on your own, you need to find like minded people, who has the same dreams as you do.