Me - the Photographer

My name is Katarina Felicia Lundgren, I usually go by Katarina (or sometimes Ally.) This is my website. Live the Change is my business.

Live the Change is a fitting name on my business, since living the change I want in my own life and the change I want to contribute with to in the world – is particularly important to me.

I usually put the words – The Responsibility of Choice – underneath the name Live the Change. I think the two go hand in hand and belong together.

In my blog and at this site – I bring up every theme and topic I am pondering upon – often related to animals, research, animal-human interaction, psychotherapy, trauma, psychology, philosophy, how to live a good life, mindfulness, eating vegan, raw food and organic, being barefoot, mindfulness, how to change the world... I write about what touches me, drives me, and concerns me.

I am a forever student, in life, and in academia. I am a globetrotter and a nomad, who have had many different physical home addresses, but now have decided that home is an internal place.

I am a sociable neurodivergent introvert ;-) It means that I thrive on my own – and that I have a hard time following rules and obeying authoritative figures, and that I like to follow my own path. It also means I value true friendship, as well as to get to know people. I also love to learn, so if you show up in my life as a teacher, a mentor – someone who is wiser than I am, someone who has come further in figuring out who you yourself are – I will listen and learn. But I will also listen to and learn from all of you. You all know stuff I do not. I too know stuff you do not know – that is why I work as an educator :-)

My best lessons in life were not pretty. Still I have kept a strange naivety, I do want to believe in good intentions and warm hearts. So I do.

My best qualities are also the parts of me that sets me up for nosedives in life. I am extremely curious and creative, stubborn, persistent, resilient, but also a dreamer and an idealist. I used to be easily frightened (still am sometimes), and I am also courageous and willing to risk something to gain some new insights, knowledge, and learning.

On these pages here on Live the Change - The Responsibility of Choice - I will share a mix of what I spend my days on doing. I am the director of a non-profit/NGO - an equine-human education, research, and treatment center - MiMer Centre - where we do and promote research on equines, equine welfare, the equine-human relationship (focusing on in therapy). We take part in research, do our own research, educate in different ways and offer treatments, support, and other services.

I also develop Live the Change which is my own small project. Here I express myself freely. I talk about my own background with severe trauma and the consequences it has had on my life. I talk about mental health and mental illness/unhealth. I advocate for more and better trauma trainings for providers of mental health services, for more accessible trauma treatments, for more money and resources to all people who works with preventing trauma and abuse, for those who work in services meeting people, especially vulnerable groups, children, disabled or atypically functioning people, already traumatized people etc, for those who work with detecting and solving crimes, for those how works in our legal systems, in health care in general and so on.

I do research as well as me-search. I share other people's work, as well as my own. I express my feelings and my thoughts. I also write about my own explorations and thoughts - always wanting to learn more about how to work with nature, horses, movement, and rhythm in building relationships as well as processing trauma.

I have for years tried to separate out my own trauma history from my work, to separate out the private from the professional work. And I have come to feel it has become harder and harder. I want to use my own experiences, use the insights I have drawn and still draw from them, use them to come up with good research questions, hopefully leading to better and more research. I have of course done that all the time - the difference now is that I will do it more openly.

Because now I have finally realized I have a great deal to contribute with, albeit maybe in unconventional forms and ways, I do now feel that is okay. I have come to learn that I am okay. And that I do not need to hold back on me being me. Because listening to me – engaging with me – is a free choice :-) I know I will never make everyone like what I do, agree with what I do – and that is just fine. It ever never was my goal. Enjoy your reading and your experiences here on my webpage, and on social media. If you want to hire me as a speaker, writer, educator, facilitator, photographer etc – you find my contact info below Contact – and you find the services I offer at Live the Change below Services. If you want to see what services, trainings and other educations and events we offer in MiMer - you find those at MiMers webpage:

Go here for my more formal CV. If you want an more extensive one, incluidng former work and employments, please contact me.

Photo courtesy: MoodFrames by Roland Gudinge